Sunny December is around the corner and we can see how the town is transforming into the summer holiday destination that it is known for. While most of Swakopmund is getting ready for the hustle and bustle on the festive season, we would also like pay more attention to the safety and security of all Swakopmund residents and visitors. 


A study is being conducted by Cllr Matthias Henrichsen to identify streets without street lighting and badly lit areas around town. A report and cost estimate will be drafted and submitted to Council for due consideration.


The Municipality will be launching a Pilot Project with two CCTV cameras which will be linked to the Emergency Control Room allowing twenty-four-hour surveillance. Notification Emergency personnel will be dispatched to attend to problems. The Emergency Numbers are +264 64 462111 or +264 811285613.


The Crime Prevention Platform established two months ago arranged a Public Safety and Security Meeting which was held on the 24th of October at the Multi-Purpose Hall in Mondesa aimed at engaging with the public on crime related challenges that need to be addressed and formulating an action plan so that residents may feel safe.


A Public Information Meeting was held in Kramersdorf which was well attended. The presentations were too long with little focus on important matters. It should not be seen as a training session rather as an opportunity for citizens to interact. In future these interaction sessions with the Council will be focused on questions and answers allowing the public to engage in debate, focusing on addressing the challenges. The efforts by Councillors conducting these meetings were well received by all and should be held more frequently.


Johnathan Harris, a young Swakopmund resident scooped the Mister Face of Namibia Award 2023. He is passionate about supporting Youth Development. For the past 9 years he has been serving the community of Swakopmund on multiple levels and platforms.


The Mayor of Swakopmund Dina Namubes is visiting Korea attending the Green Hydrogen Seminar where various stakeholders from around the world have been invited. Infrastructure and future development programmes together with information sharing discussions forms part of the visit and the Mayor will participate in the Conference programme where she will present the Strategic Plan of the MoS as well as promoting Swakopmund as the Centre of Adventure and the tourist Meccsa of Namibia.


The floating raft that is normally moored at the Mole will soon be back in its rightful place to be enjoyed by all swimmers ready for the summer Festive Season. Extensive repair work on the floating raft was required after the float moorings were loosened by vandals which resulted in excessive damage. We are looking forward to seeing it being used by swimmers during the holiday season.


Namibian Police statistics indicate that more than 36 babies were discarded in Namibia a year, either through abortion, concealment of birth, or dumped by their mothers. Though it’s very difficult to estimate the true extent.


The foundation is situated at the corner of Dr. Schwietering and Bottle Tree streets at Ocean View, Swakopmund. It was started in 2018 due to the constant rise of baby dumping in Namibia.

“We need everybody to help us to raise more awareness and spread the news far and wide that there is no need or reason ever again to dump or kill an innocent little baby in Namibia,”

– Ronel Peters, founder of Rauch Elohim Foundation

Founder, Ronel Peters, aims to prevent, and end baby dumping by providing an alternative and safe option to desperate mothers who are thinking of dumping or killing their babies.

They also have a Baby Saver Box where these desperate mothers can leave their unwanted or unplanned babies safely and anonymously without facing prosecution. Ruach Elohim Foundation is a voluntary association in Namibia and registered as a place of safety, which allows them to care for six babies at any given time. They are currently in the process of registering as a child protection organization so that they can help more babies in need of care. The foundation also provides a safe haven for abandoned, abused, unwanted and neglected babies as well as high standards of care for the babies in their intensive care. The community needs to know about the foundation and what they are doing and about the service and unconditional love and care that they are giving to the most vulnerable in our society and in our country. “We need everybody to help us to raise more awareness and spread the news far and wide that there is no need or reason ever again to dump or kill an innocent little baby in Namibia,” Ronel Peters said.

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