The end of the year is approaching quickly. Businesses, municipality workers and residents are all getting ready for Swakopmund’s busiest season of the year. The roads are looking good with the newly painted lines, Christmas lights are going up and the last bit of maintenance is underway. With the influx of visitors and events taking place in Swakopmund, safety and security remains a focus point. Communication and team work between all law enforcement departments, businesses and residents will help us keep the clean, safe and picturesque Swakopmund that we all love.


NNC Rössing Uranium (China National Nuclear Corporation) has offered to sponsor the construction of a new police station in the DRC area of Swakopmund. The Swakopmund Municipality is also prepared to donate a piece of land in the area to support this generous gesture.

CNNC Rössing Uranium had previously purchased land in order to build houses for their employees and wish to donate a portion of that land to the Government of Namibia for the purpose of erecting this police station. Swakopmund is growing tremendously and a police station in the DRC is desperately needed in order to secure safety and security for the residents in and around the DRC


The Municipal council has entered a pilot project with the Swakopmund Neighbourhood watch for a period of 4 months with regard to the installation of a numberplate recognition CCTV system at the entrance to Swakopmund.

This is on a trail basis to see whether the system can add value in combating crime and to assess the combination of using CCTV cameras in fighting crime inhere.


The tourism protection unit in the CBD of Swakopmund will be increased by the Municipality for a period of 2 months from 5 to 14 guards.

With the increase of attacks on tourists the additional security force will be able to work in shifts from 10 am to 10 pm in the evening concentrating on hotspots and assess criminal activity within Swakopmund. The Namibian Special Reserve Force, which is helping the Municipality secure safety and security in Swakopmund during the festive season, shall be asked to focus on assisting law enforcement in the different areas of our town.


The Swakopmund Municipality is in the process of procuring handheld radios for the purpose of creating a common communication channel between all law enforcement departments of Nampol Police, Nampol Traffic, Municipal Traffic and Swakopmund Neighbourhood Watch in order to improve communication. The radios will remain the property of the municipality and shall serve as a reminder that council is actively driving forward in order to establish a safer and more secure Swakopmund.


The Pilot project for the implementation of Smart Water Meters, has been successfully completed. The Swakopmund Municipality will soon be going out on tender to procure these desperately needed Smart Water Meters. More information on how and when this will be implemented will be shared once finalised.


The Municipality of Swakopmund will be writing off the bad debt of senior citizens in a once off decision, in order  to be able to start with a clean slate and to then monitor compliance. After thorough deliberation and research, the Municipal Council has decided to write off these bad debts to the value of N$ 6,436,953-63. Once this process has been completed pensioners shall be treated the same way as all Swakopmund residents are. If the bill is not paid the Municipality will implement the disconnection of services until payment therefore has been made.


Although Namibia has a wide variety of mineral resources and, is classified as a developing country, the majority of the population lives in poverty. Public schools are unfortunately often hopelessly overcrowded, underfunded, and equipped with inadequate academic support and programs.

‘’The teachers have taught the children lessons about life, its difficulties and how to face them.”

The MYO, Mondesa Youth Opportunities Trust supports 120 students from grades 4 to 8. These students receive  additional afternoon classes in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Reading, Life Skills, Computer Literacy, Sports, and Music. The students come from the Mondesa township as well as the neighbouring communities of Tamariskia, Matutura, and the DRC which is an informal settlement lacking basic amenities such as water and electricity.

At the same time, MYO relieves parents by encouraging their children to avoid spending time on the streets and providing them not only with academic but also mental, physical, and emotional care and support. Mondesa Youth Opportunities provides comprehensive support in that students receive a nutritious lunch daily that meets their nutritional needs and includes fruit. If school uniforms and shoes need replacement, this is also facilitated. Whether it’s glasses, braces, clothing, backpacks, or school supplies, Mondesa Youth Opportunities provides support.

For this reason, MYO has the full support of parents, schools, as well as the community. MYO has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education, ensuring government support.

Whether it’s nutrition, hygiene, clothing, medical, or psychological assistance – Mondesa Youth Opportunities provides comprehensive support. MYO is an exceptional education centre where the teachers are dedicated and committed to their work and in the process improving students lives. ‘’The teachers have taught the children lessons about life, its difficulties and how to face them.”

For almost 20 years, MYO has been dedicated to education, demonstrating not only the sustainability of this initiative – consistently funded through donations. – The success of the programme can be measured through the academic achievements and career paths of former students. Examples of this success include qualifications as engineers, pilots in the United States, lecturers, teachers, lawyers, IT officers in banks, and more.

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