The SRA hopes that visitors and residents had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and now well rested are ready to tackle the year ahead with energy and lots of enthusiasm. What strikes one about this town and its people is their friendliness, willingness to assist as well having a generally positive attitude about matters. […]


As the desert sun dips below the endless sea horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues of orange and gold, we, the Swakopmund Residents’ Association, reach out to each of you with a heart full of Christmas cheer. This year has been a journey, like the rolling dunes that dance around our beloved town. We’ve […]


The end of the year is approaching quickly. Businesses, municipality workers and residents are all getting ready for Swakopmund’s busiest season of the year. The roads are looking good with the newly painted lines, Christmas lights are going up and the last bit of maintenance is underway. With the influx of visitors and events taking […]


Sunny December is around the corner and we can see how the town is transforming into the summer holiday destination that it is known for. While most of Swakopmund is getting ready for the hustle and bustle on the festive season, we would also like pay more attention to the safety and security of all […]

September News

Well the new season is here and as the saying goes “spring has sprung”, but many Swakopmunders might disagree as we are still experiencing icy cold winds from the south, while inland the weather is warming up nicely. SAFETY IN SWAKOPMUNDImportant matters are being addressed with safety and security taking centre stage. The SRA highlighted the issue […]

August News

Another month of winter has gone by, and although we have shivered and complained, summer is on its way.   The SRA continues to strive for good governance and good outcomes for our lovely town, and it has been decided that we need to put pressure on our Regional Governor regarding non-performance in some critical […]