The Swakopmund Residents Association’s mission is to strive towards the creation of an urban environment wherein all residents of our town can enjoy equal opportunities.

  1. We support the Municipality of Swakopmund to provide the best services possible at an affordable price. The SRA strives to support crime prevention programmes wherever possible.
  2. We promote the establishment of effective communication channels between the Local Authority, the Erongo Regional Council and Government so that all parties may be aware of the needs and expectations of the Swakopmund community.
  3. Our aim is to establish effective communication between all parties so that the Swakopmund community is regularly informed of developments.
  4. We encourage interest amongst the community to participate in activities organised by the Local Authority and support the highest standards of ethical conduct by Councillors and Officials of the Swakopmund Municipality.
  5. The SRA promotes social-economic and youth development programmes wherever possible.


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